PIK A6 Printer Of High Convenience

Given the fact that most people of the 21st century already carry around a camera in their pockets within their smartphone, one must beg the question, why not own and use a matching output device wherever you go to then print (in an equal quick instant) a printed picture? They always say that hard copies of media and text are always more memorable, and so for more than just convenience's sake, such a design is simply ideal.

A sublimation photo printer, the PIK A6 enables the user to print high-quality prints in the fastest possible way. Via a quick connection of the printer to the network and smartphone app, edit and print your pictures away. The printer is presented to be designed in such a way so that it can be used both at home and for personal use, but also for commercial transaction purposes in public places - perhaps an ideal assistance for Paypal etc?

The ability to print our favourite photos has somewhat taken a sideline to all the strong emphasis that is placed on actually taking such photographs. Fast and intuitive, the PIK A6 has a bright future. Designed by Philippe Vossel, discover more at Philippe-Vossel.com.

Photography credit : Philippe Vossel
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