Lofree Keyboard Hits All The Keys

As computer technology develops, one thing we perhaps do not miss as much as anything else are the dial up wireless boxes and the synonymously rackety keyboard of the 1990s. Though both epitomise such an era, every technological company in existence today are probably very happy that such a time is distant in the past, with moves towards perfect ergonomics and user experience ever in demand.

That said, do you just love memorabilia, icons of the past and such truly fantastic times for the design industry? You might even argue that such a resolutely noisy keyboard was pleasurable as you tapped every keystroke into the board! If you are in this second category, then you are to be very pleased that the typewriter inspired, retro-styled Lofree Keyboard is soon to be available. Cutely coloured, wonderfully designed and bygone era inspired, what could be better for the aspirational lifestyle?

Designed to connect to all of Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS systems by either wireless or tethered by USB cable, such a keyboard is perhaps a halfway between the 1990s and 2010s. Still under development but when launched, users will be able to even be paired simultaneously across three devices for seamless switching - now that is innovative even for the most advanced of computer manufacturers! Backlit and organised in the same layout as the Apple Magic keyboard, user experience is on point for both Windows and Mac users. Coloured in pastel colours with wonderfully imaginative colour variations and combinations, you will truly be able to relate to such a prized possession keyboard across all the senses - tactile in comforting keys, sound in the mechanical keystroking, and visual appeal in it's playful colours.

Discover more and purchase online at: Lofree.co

Photography credit : Lofree

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