Unleashing The Power Of The iPhone Camera

As a common saying goes, '...the best camera is the one you're holding at the very time you need to take a photo' (anonymous), and yet perhaps 99% of the time you are without any form of camera other than the lens inbuilt in your smartphone. Regardless of today's technology that enables phone manufacturers to produce fantastic micro-cameras - with Sony, Lenovo and Samsung all boasting phones that offer 13 mega-pixel options - there is perhaps always the side-issue of trying to hold the phone in a way that feels natural and flexible. With many of us choosing to hold the phone with two hands, sometimes with one but exhibiting extreme care, we can perhaps all agree that as phone manufacturers strive to make the thinnest, most lightweight model they can, they will never be able to offer the fantastic handle capabilities that a traditional D-SLR camera can.

Introducing you the Pictar iPhone Camera Grip, this external bit of kit hopes to be as aesthetically cool as your iPhone itself, whilst overcoming all of the aforementioned issues. Considered by the likes of c/net, Tech Times, Shutterbug, Digital Photographer, Hypebeast, fotoblogia and many more as a device that would be the absolute perfect accessory for anyone who loves their phones as much as photography, Pictar is being marketed as "...being able to unleash the power of your iPhone". We'd expect the accessory to be packed full of ergonomic features, and you're not wrong...

With so many features (soon to be described), and a frame that mimics a camera's classic handle design that has been around for tens of years, the Pictar is sure to be a favourite of yours one day. The Pictar features a selfie button / zoom ring, shutter release, exposure compensation wheel, smart wheel, cold shoe mount and of course, a frame to snugly fit your iPhone. The story of Pictar began nine years ago when Steve Jobs changed the world of photography as we know it at the Mac-World show in San Francisco, and your story of more beautiful photos begins now. We are guessing that we've probably mentioned aspects of a camera's science that you didn't even know were customisable on your iPhone, are we right? Theory has it that as well as people's struggle to use a smartphone to take photos non-awkwardly, people don't have time to scroll through the endless customisable menus and have the patience to utilise the full smartphone's potential. Metaphorically, its like a formula one car being driven by a gold cart electric engine.

Ideal for new starters to photography, people that wish to get the full potential out of their smartphone, amateur or professional photographers alike, don't compromise on control. The shutter release button works and feels exactly like a traditional D-SLR and offers full-press and half-press options, the zoom-ring allows you to zoom in and out with one hand (and no more pinching of the screen), the selfie button allows you to quickly switch to and fro from the front or rear camera, the exposure compensation wheel allows you to amend the photo's exposure (at 1/3 aperture intervals, also just like a traditional D-SLR), the smart wheel allows its user to control a variety of pre-customised functions and flash modes, whilst the actual frame allows you to wear a neck strap, house the phone comfortably and safely and even allows for a tripod to be used - ready for any city, jungle, beach or family time! Almost best of all, Pictar's semi-open frame will allow for most "clip on" zoom lenses, with Olloclip a popular favourite! A winning formula - iPhone + Pictar + Olloclip = fantastic results.

Currently seeking backers, join the Pictar movement online at Kickstarter.com.

Photography credit : Kickstarter.com

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