The Simple Instrmnt A-Series Wall Clock

There is something fundamentally awesome about simplicity, isn't there? Wall clocks are hardly ever the hot-buzz topic of any conversation - unless, perhaps, you're a wall clock designer - but these two new products launched by the well-known wristwatch brand Instrmnt certainly pack a punch worthy of this discussion.

Free of any distracting detail, these dual aspect quartz clocks are perfect for any desk or wall, and if you're fans of the minimalist, non-cluttered look like SATORI & SCOUT are, need you consider anything else for any timekeeping concern? Nicely detailed in design and by curated colourway, these wall clocks are available in anodised silver or gold, manufactured in spun-form by hand from a disc of raw aluminium and feature the now-customary '00' dial typeset in Helvetica Neue Regular with which Instrmnt have become known for.

A design studio through and through, Instrmnt make quality industrial goods that are accessible to all, and these wall clocks are no different to any wristwatch of theirs. A removable machine-bent stainless steel stand allows for both wall clocks to also be positioned on a side table or desk, whilst a rear bracket provides the means for wall hanging which you may prefer. Offering the single function of keeping time, and certainly offering it well, there is also minimal distraction in sound either. A beautifully controlled, hushed sound is audible as every second goes by, but nothing too loud as to be annoying, nor too soft to be frustratingly over-simple.

A final note to consider - which SATORI & SCOUT absolutely love, it must be added - is that aside from the wall clock's German-made movement, the entire manufacturing process for these units takes place in the UK using long-established techniques from all sorts of British-based suppliers, all culminating with final assembly and quality control at Instrmnt's Glasgow studio. Perfect in our books. Discover more about the brand online at:

Photography credit : Instrmnt

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