New Tech Of The Vintage Polaroid

Photography has undoubtedly come a long way since it's conception, and now we're in the modern era, Polaroid Originals have blended their classic design with contemporary style. The Polaroid camera is certainly one of the first devices that will ever come to mind when thinking of yesteryear's photography technology and inspired by the original OneStep camera of 1977, the new Polaroid OneStep 2 is a much updated analogue instant camera for today's consumer. Beyond the copious Instagram posts, Facebook shares or Twitter posts, the Polaroid takes a moment, any moment, and turns it into something you can physically hold, in real time, for real. It can certainly be said that the rise of such smartphone apps and social media is due to their easability in sharing and socialising content, but their fundamental premise of 'instant realism' undermines themselves. Bringing instant photography back to it's roots, the OneStep 2 i-Type Camera is aiming to reintroduce the very piece of technology and fashion trend that started all of this revolution many years ago; 'instant realism' in the form of something tangible, not of something stored on a server in some backstreet data centre; something you can keep and hold and treasure. 

Boasting a high-quality lens, 60-day battery life, powerful flash and self-timer function, one step photography is back. With only a few buttons and a simple, intuitive design, it really is easy enough for a child to use. The beauty in Polaroid photography is in its weaknesses, and every time you press the camera's shutter, thousands of chemical reactions ignite to create one real, unpolished, completely unique image. As both the experienced and amateur Polaroid user would know, that€™s the true beauty of Polaroid. A no-nonsense, simple-to-use instant camera that will ensure that you will be taking memorable photos right out of the box, the OneStep 2 works with all styles of i-Type Film and 600 Film, giving you loads of choice and more freedom of expression. Seemingly far from old-school, the Polaroid OneStep 2 i-Type Camera is now available for pre-order and is anticipated to be shipping from mid-October. A fusion of superb retro style and contemporary technology, SATORI & SCOUT will certainly be ordering one for the studio. Discover more and pre-order online at:

Photography credit : Polaroid Originals

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