Draw Lines With AreaWare Glass Rulers

Less is more, more or less. Ever had that issue of wondering what's beneath your ruler as you make those audacious lines? We've all thought that surely a transparent ruler exists somewhere in the world, and now it does. Making everyone's life that little bit easier at drawing and measuring lines with accuracy, precise alignment is now owed to the trusty pencil case favourite, simply because of materiality. The conventional ruler is obviously very handy as and when needed (do you even measure things any more?), but this ruler idea designed by Area Ware has certainly elevated the piece of writing equipment to unchartered lengths (we were going to write heights, but who measure's heights with a ruler, tape measure for that!). A brand of really cool accessories and gift ideas, this New York based (USA) company enables independent designers to showcase their wares to the world. The glass ruler, designed by Allon Libermann and Hye Jin Ahn, is a design that has particularly taken STORI & SCOUT's eye.

Crafted from crystal glass, the quality of the material comes out in every line you draw. Perfect for anyone creative, or perhaps those seeking millimetre precision of alignment, who'd have thought that using a ruler would be so stylish? Very simplistic, this ruler is very much minimalistic and hits many of the high notes at SATORI & SCOUT. We are very confident that everything about these little grid blocks of magic will resonate with many of you. Accuracy is only accurate if the operation of obtaining accuracy is perfectly reliable and valid, remember? Discover more about the designer online at: AreaWare.com

Photography credit : Area Ware

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