The One Piece Desk Organiser

Ever find yourself un-organised, and yet treasure your workplace or home desk space with the highest of regards? Finding contemporary desk organisation units that are as attractive as they are useful is quite hard, with most options always made from either poorly-finished plastic or faux-leather that deteriorates with every usage.

One Piece, by yuue design studio, is a playful yet minimalistic desk organiser that is made and cut from one single piece of Beechwood timber, each wonderfully coloured with a striking gradient. With various shapes, slots and formations providing an optimal arrangement for stationery, we hope you'd agree these visually appealing units are much of an improvement on the high street's commercial alternatives. Making organising stationary a pleasant user experience, the One Piece makes what is usually a messy arrangement (or one that is at least never perfect by default) into a beautiful order.

With a matt finish, and each at 35 x 6.6 x 4.5 cm, the units feel luxurious as much as they look high quality. There are three types of colourways within the series: the Classic purple / pink unit is designed for everyday secretarial work, for pens of various sizes, ruler, cards, notes, scissors and clippers etc; the Architect's grey / blue unit is designed for creatives, with it possible to insert large-sized markers, drawing tools and a calculator; and lastly the Geek's yellow / grey unit is designed for people that can't leave electronic devices alone, with special slots for a phone, a tablet, memory media and batteries. Yuue design studio have all your desk requirements covered, and SATORI & SCOUT even vote for having multiple units to really make your desk space pop with colour!

Based in Berlin, Germany, yuue design creates lights, furniture, accessories of different application and electric devices for companies across the globe. With a great amount of value on the interactive and emotional aspects of a product, yuue design is considered one of the best young Chinese design studios active on the global scene.

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