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Manors, mansions and royal estates aside, we all know and recognise those signature deer and antler heads that are commonplace above affluent person's fireplaces. Should animal welfare be at the top of your priorities - and if its not, it should be pretty high up - or perhaps having a keener eye for figurative graphic design than the more literal arts, Papertrophy is an alternative that is completely quirky and fun. Being a creative fusion of the many various animals of the world and a timeless origami-like composition, SATORI & SCOUT reckons you'll love the complex polygonal structures, being both modern and something that little bit different.

With a minimalistic cubic design, the simplicity of the colours and designs create an astonishingly awesome look via the shadows and light on the animal's shapes and sides. The bright and vibrant colours create a depth to the figures and radiate an extravagant elegance which would look great upon any minimal white wash wall, or amidst your organised-mess.

Papertrophy offer their designs in either any of their pre-coloured sets, customisable with 90 colourways, or perfectly white to allow you to personalise the artform upon delivery. Suitable for your lounge (perhaps above your very own fireplace), your kitchen (we're thinking away from the fire-producing apparatuses), your bedroom or perhaps, quite literally, anywhere you want! An excellent idea that is unisex, creative and suitable for all ages.

Each of the papertrophies are a complex polygonal structure, where their careful creations - instructions are included - are highly sturdy using little more than paper and a few dabbles of glue. Completely solid in its final shape, it is quite astonishing that they began life as merely a printed piece of paper. To create your own papertrophy when your delivery arrives, all of the folds have been pre-creased making its construction as fun as observing the final object. Elegant and yet easy to build, no complicated instructions are required. Perhaps ask someone else to chose your animal of preference and not know the final design until the very end, and be wowed at just how simple it really is.

With wall trophies, standing figurines, mini and XXL figures, which will you chose? From antelopes to elephants, rhinos to penguins, squirrels to bulls, SATORI & SCOUT are sure you will find something fantastic to be your next mini project and wow all the family with. With prices starting at £19.00, recreate your favourite animal at

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