Smartphones Essential Wireless Charger

Introducing seamless wireless power charging and effortless magnetic mounting to iPhone 5/5S, iPhone 6/6S Plus and Qi enabled smartphones, XVIDA might just be your next most essential purchase. SATORI & SCOUT knows all too well about your daily annoyances of phone battery related issues. As amazing and essential smartphones are to each of us, living in a society that is somewhat dependent on such relatively recent inventions, there has always been a common consensus that battery life isn't widely appreciated. With companies beyond phone manufacturers attempting to take advantage, XVIDA are the latest to catch our eye.

As a perfect accessory to anyone's workspace, daily commute or home, XVIDA have perhaps created a smartphone's most important add-on. With a next-generation chip and cutting-edge electronics that allow for today's age quickest commercially available power transfer via wireless (as quick as a conventional cable), the XVIDA combats any slow charging time; with a very high level of flexibility and versatility via its magnetic locking interface, the XVIDA can be mounted in any car, on any desk or hung on any wall. With wireless charging a definite future-plan for smartphones and technology in general, it is little surprise that such device has been invented.

Two issues may seem apparent to you as you consider this new idea. How is it possible to achieve fast charging and eliminate overheating, but still keep the charging unit very small and compact? When components are packed very closely together, overheating occurs, and equally, an issue of combining a magnetic mounting system with inductive charging components may decrease the efficiency of inductive charging. Such problems were solved, however, by successfully isolating the magnetic field, being amended and tested for many months until the optimum charging rate was achieved, and as a side-result, eliminating overheating. Developed by Wireless Power Consortium's specifications, the XVIDA is seriously innovative... Discover more and purchase yours online at [infobox maintitle="Who Are XVIDA?" subtitle="XVIDA began because they wanted to do more with everyone's favourite devices, and because mobiles should be versatile, easy to use, well made, durable and beautifully designed, and they're often not." bg="white" color="black" opacity="off" space="30" link="no link"]

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