The Native Union Rose Colourway

Already pioneers of tech accessories that are anything but ordinary, Native Union has now launched their various products in a new colourway: Rose. Offering a softer look to their normal range of blacks, whites, marine blues, zebra et al., SATORI & SCOUT are really quite impressed with yet another smart move by the brand. Perhaps most known for their Apple Lightning cables which are designed with a reinforced structure to prevent the continual plugging and unplugging of a mobile phone enduring any lasting damage, Native Union has released various tech accessories in the last 6 months: most notably, their drop wireless charger. It is always particularly refreshing when non-fashion industry brands are led by a catwalk's style(s), and the introduction of the colour Rose is likely welcomed by their fans world-over. Across this charging product and the brand's wider range, the colour Rose is available in their Night Cable, Belt Cable, Belt Cable XL and Key Cable; have any favourites?

Isn't it really quite curious that Native Union's entire brand revolves around Apple's incompetency towards manufacturing decent charging cables? With Native Union's cable options made from nylon braiding and TPE rubber, as well as featuring layers of protective tinned copper braid and Kevlar fibres, the result of suchlike is six times stronger than Apple's equivalent.

We remember the days when it was always the connection parts of the cables that used to fray upon continual charging and unplugging of the phone, but those days are no longer since an upgrade to Native Union's options. Arguably much more aesthetically pleasing in blacks and blues, and now pink rose, too, we wonder what the relationship is like between Native Union and Apple. Discover more and purchase online at:

Photography credit : Native Union

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