Lightweight Rooftop Tent On A Budget

How often have you travelled and wanted to just sleep there and then, whether it be at a festival, part of a road-trip or beside some exotic lake? Offering such an opportunity are the abundance of rooftop tents currently on the market, however each do cost several thousand dollars and are often extremely heavy, both affecting their attraction, least to mention their effect on a car's aerodynamics or miles per gallon achievements. With most of a rooftop's users only ever actually using their rooftop home several times a year, can a pricetag of several thousand even be justified? Designed by ACAL graduate Sebastian Maluska, this designer is attempting to write the wrongs and has created a super-simple alternative that is universal to any car and is lightweight enough to never cause any considerable effect to a car's performance. Designed for those who wish to travel on a budget or quite literally anywhere, the Nest tent is potentially something for the future.

As Maluska explains "...I spend a lot of time outside doing sport like skiing and surfing, and is always nice to be the first on the mountain or the first in the water. Therefore I have to sleep right at the spot." Can you relate to this? Manufactured from sailboat materials and featuring a lightweight aluminium frame, the Nest can provide sleeping arrangements for two people. Including a ladder for access (stored in a fabric pocket beneath the sleeping surface) and several zippable openings to take advantage of views and air ventilation, the Nest tent can even become storage (to some degree) when in it's closed position.

Maluska admits that rooftop tents are already commercially available, however their bulky construction, as SATORI & SCOUT aforemention, reduce their attraction considerably. Aiming to be super affordable in conjunction with having minimal amounts of material, what might seem as potentially flimsy should actually be recognised as less is more and plain ol' good design. Allowing you to sleep above ground as to not get wet from surface water or ground moisture, SATORI & SCOUT are hoping this becomes commercially available one day for our weekend trips away. Discover more about the designer online at:

Photography credit : Sebastian Maluska

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