Beeline Navigates The Way

Have you ever wondered about the logistics of a motorcyclist's navigation to any destination? Sure, if you know the route then that would be easy, but short of memorising a map prior to travel, what does one do in times of issue?

Though there has been an inevitable rise in the use of smartphone map applications and a smartphone's placement in the dashboard of a bike, however Beeline are attempting to reduce any scenario of added danger for both the biker and the smartphone (should it ever fall). A super-cool device that offers a very clear navigation user interface, the trusty smartphone map may just see it's complex maps replaced by a single arrow. Think about it, when behind the handlebars, do we really need to see all of the map, or would a single arrow simply suffice?

Designed by British startup Beeline, the navigational device works in many ways like a compass, only that it doesn't direct you north, but to your destination. Offered in a device that the brand are calling Moto, it's computer has the intelligence to give the rider turn by turn route guidance whilst being entirely waterproof and entirely secured on any bike's handlebars. No longer should a rider worry about what speed they are travelling in fear of their smartphone falling off. Giving information such as the distance until the next turn, the minimalist and uncomplicated device really should help with road safety as much as ease of riding and of course, improving that street cred.

As Beeline's co-founder Tom Putnam explains, "Motorcyclists need clean, non-distracting navigation systems and that just didn't seem to exist and certainly not at a reasonable price point." SATORI & SCOUT can certainly see Putnam's point, and by being assisted by a smartphone app that allows the rider to organise, track and change their route, we agree that such a device will no doubt one day become an essential piece of kit for any motorcyclist. Boasting a battery life of 30 hours until recharge, how far can you go in that time? Discover more about the device and support this campaign online at:

Photography credit : Beeline

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