The Library Of Mirrored Knowledge

When it comes to public buildings, there can often be alot of difference in their magnificence. Museums, music halls, libraries, markets or stadia are all public places that immediately come to mind when thinking of grand places to visit, but how many of these across the world are as cool as the Yangzhou Zhongshuge library in Zhen Yuan (China)? Completed by architects XL-Muse, the library is simply awesome, in both senses of the word.

Based on the concept of water and how it is integral to the Yangzhou culture, and arched bridges and how they're a traditional governor of commerce, both can be found widely within the library. Representing a literal connection between human (visitors) and books (knowledge), as visitors enter the library they will immediately find themselves surrounded by arched walls that turn into ceilings that contain the books. Via a high-sheen mirrored floor, the grand gesture of feeling like you're on water is matched and bettered by the reflection of the books above to make you feel like you're more in Hogwarts with Harry Potter than in a provincial Chinese library.

Continuing through the library, visitors see more and more books, with all various kinds of archways within the architecture to mimic a bridge's presence across the water (mirrored floor). A certain sense of mystery is omnipresent as people can get lost in both the library's zones as well as the stories told in the books. When open space is required, displays can be relocated from the centre of the room, and upon doing so, the main library hall really does become a tubular cave of knowledge. Traditionally contextual, yet wonderfully modern, SATORI & SCOUT haven't yet seen a more impressive library.

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