The User Customisable Indent Speakers

SATORI & SCOUT particularly enjoys the occasions when the studio scouts University projects and discover fantastic product designs, whereby some of which are often more imaginative (yet still commercial) than some of the world's leaders in their respective industries. Without a million-dollar Research and Development team behind them, it really is refreshing to scout such fresh talent and designs. The Indent Music Player by Pinja Piira of Finnish, German and British education is a project that features an innovative 'audio knob interface' that sounds so dull yet is so exciting in the flesh.

Indent is an ingenious music player that can be described as a "...tangible audio player", Piira explains. Liberating the commonplace knob interface that has become so household on probably every single music player around the world, such an object is detached from the speaker body and is its own modular and app-customisaable listening experience.

Aiming to create a screen-free and uncluttered music listening experience by focusing only on the essential parts - we hope you're sensing a theme at SATORI & SCOUT here -, the core behaviours of music streaming can be summarised by the following five commands: personal content, play, volume, skip and save. The radio of today, Spotify (or any other streaming service), is simple and ageless and requires a speaker of equal minimalism.

The Indent speaker is termed as such as the body offers four indentations to accommodate for the detachable knob, with each providing you with a user-programmed playlist or radio station. Once set up, users can control the volume with a twist or press stop or play with a tap, all of which is detachable from the main speaker body; convenience and simplicity of the highest order. A device that seeks to amplify a user's physical interaction with an inanimate object, you really do feel at one with the speaker given its customisability and ease of usage. Discover more about the industrial designer online at

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