Handcrafted Pen Of Simple Silhouette

Simplicity is very high on SATORI & SCOUT's agenda, and these wonderfully designed Sostanza pencils are the combination of two handcrafted elements to form a simple silhouette. Now the first piece of stationery out of SATORI & SCOUT's pencil case in the morning, and last one into it in the evening, Sostanza's designs are simply great (pun intended, of course).

Composed of two parts, the pencil features little more than a lightweight body and an external ring that is movable up and down the pencil's shaft to 'lock' the graphite in place. The body is made from turned natural wood and is offered in five types: pear, mahogany, eastern black walnut, ebony and amaranth; each have been selected in relation to their compactness and resistance to potential deformation when being used (rigorously?) by the hand. The external ring is hand-finished silver with an oxidised coating to improve the natural aesthetic of each wood. The manufacture of every pencil occurs in Italy on small scale runs, whilst the wood has been sourced from all over the world - a nice composition.

Absolutely ideal for those that enjoy their writing instruments, writing or sketching, the ergonomic and easy-replace design is made for life. Via the simple raise / lowering of the external ring, you can easily add more graphite into the pencil's shaft. What could be easier? Complete with test tube glass packaging, SATORI & SCOUT recommend Sostanza for your next stationery fix.

Seeking funding, discover this project online at: Kickstarter.com.

Photography credit : Sostanza.info
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