The Hubblephone, Out Of This World

Smartphone releases are coming out in their numbers of late and SATORI & SCOUT were so proud to report Blackberry's latest release, the Key2. With continuous reports and suggestions that Apple are finally slowing down their innovation train - they did rejuvenate the mobile phone industry at the start so we can kind of let them off -, is their stagnation the beginning of other brands to take over the reigns of pushing boundaries? The Blackberry Key2 was mightily impressive and this phone, named HubblePhone, by Turing Space Industries is really quite something else.

Unlike any device that you're likely to have seen before and with performance that is heads and shoulders better than anyone ever before (we won't mention the pricetag just yet), the Turing Space Industries HubblePhone is something more reminiscent of Star Trek than Carphone Warehouse. Featuring an advanced vision system, technology that can effortlessly blend four products, a professional grade 60MP camera (yes, 60!) with an 15x optical zoom, advanced image and HD video editing software and an in-built mobile gaming console, this revolutionary multi-screen 5G smartphone is unbelievably versatile.

Definitively Future Age, the HubblePhone embraces the rise of artificial intelligence by enabling it's user to control the HubblePhone via voice or lip commands, a particularly ground-breaking technology in the smartphone world. Stunning in features and aesthetics - lets not lie here - it's initial performance is absolutely equal to all things aforementioned. Though the final specifics are yet to be released (it is reported to have an Octa-core 8 x 2.96GHz CPU with 256GB worth of memory), you can probably be sure that the final-release insides match the outsides' cool aesthetics, made entirely from liquid metal and titanium; SATORI & SCOUT's bets are on all it's final-release hardware being beyond thinkable to us in 2018.

With the ability to make calls by simply saying a name or number by voice or by silently moving lips, everything is all so effortless, and other features include its data auto-sync technology or it's auto-management of frequently used apps, calls, messages whilst securely storing all vital information on the device's secure storage space. Offering 5G that is up to 50% faster than current 4G levels, HubblePhone users will be able to download or stream 4K video content in a matter of seconds. With suggestions that Hubble will have their own HubbleShow - the world's first mobile entertainment hub -, the phone is sure to take advantage of the 5G and allow you multi-dimensional entertainment wherever and whenever. Wow. SATORI & SCOUT can probably use our 2018 intelligence in thinking that the phone is named after the Hubble's Space Telescope and for that, it is no surprise the camera is phenomenal.

Able to deliver different screen surfaces to suit all types of mobile photography from professional quality portraits, action packed scenes to common selfies, which do you even begin to use? Now the pricetag: to be available at a cool price of $2,749 when it becomes available in 2020, we will interpret this as there being 18 more months worth of saving before we can invest in such a thing. Discover more about the smartphone online at:

Photography credit : Hubble Phone

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