The Caavo Box For All TV Needs

First world problems are rarely a drop in the ocean in terms of world issues (hence their name), and in the world of design, cable management is hardly an issue worth stressing over; or is it? The pain is very much real in terms of managing all those cables behind your TV set and we all know how troublesome it can be on the occasions of needing to replace a certain device with a more up-to-date version only to struggle to find all of the relevant cables; ill-placed cables can also be quite an eyesore too. Introducing Caavo, this elegant wooden box unit is simply the piece of kit you've been looking for.

Designed by the same designers as FitBit (Gadi Amit and New Deal Design), SATORI & SCOUT have previously featured their Scrip wallet idea and this new, innovative idea called Caavo is equally as awesome. Delivering a unified TV experience where all of your entertainment devices and services can be facilitated together, controlling each of your TV's inputs will now become effortless (and look awesome). Rather than attempting to consolidate all devices into the back of your TV, Caavo connects all of the pieces together on its own, be it pay TV, streaming, or gaming. A two-piece system of switchbox and universal remote, you can simply connect each of your devices into Caavo and press (or speak) for your favourite show or most recently played game. With the ability to search all of your devices simultaneously, Caavo can find what you're after on your behalf, removing the necessity to switch inputs, fiddle around with sound and/or adjust TV settings.

With the tangling of cables that are plugged into our devices at the heart of the unit's design, the Caavo box offers a unique eight-cable system of attachments using pegs and functional intersections that organize and clean the afterthought of chunky cables. With such high-end materiality and natural finishes to complement any home's decor, from high gloss piano black, bamboo or zebrawood, there is nothing you will want to hide with Caavo, not even the cables. Discover more about the soon-to-be-launched device online at:

Photography credit : New Deal Design
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