Loewe Plays Catchup On Speakers

World renown Loewe have gone where no man has gone before. Okay, maybe not, but the launch of their first portable Bluetooth speaker is a design beyond their usual remit. The German speaker brand synonymous with super high quality home technology and speakers are now the proud owners of the Klang MK1 and doesn't it just look so retro-cool? Boasting speakers and TVs that command price tags up to £5000, this new device is sure to pack the usual quality that you can expect from such a brand as Loewe. Noticeably inspired by the Bauhaus movement and all their German design predecessors who have gone before, this compact device is entirely minimal by aesthetic and powerful by technology.

Nothing obnoxious, nothing overdone, the speaker design features a limited amount of button controls which are all positioned on the top-side of the device, whereby the pocket-sized speaker will certainly impress you with it's durability and timeless design. SATORI & SCOUT are particularity impressed at the small device's ability to project such impressive sounds, but then, should we have expected any less? With a total of two speakers packed inside the MK1's shell - available in silver and rose gold colours -, SATORI & SCOUT cannot work out whether the external finishing and aesthetic is most impressive or it's internal workings. Complete with a super high-quality leather handle and the ability for 12-hours of play-time until recharge, we are sure you won't be disappointed.

Discover more about the speakers and purchase online at: Loewe.tv

Photography credit : Loewe

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