Beautiful Art When Your (Samsung) TV Is Off

Hiding in plain sight might just be the television of the future. No, not one that can stream 10,000 things at once, or control the lighting in your room (though these do exist), but one that accepts it's role as a television is only useful when it's actually turned on, and when not, becomes a beautiful piece of art rather than a dull screen of darkness.

Introducing the Samsung Frame TV, you can now add everyday inspiration to your living room, bedroom, kitchen or wherever by having it's automatic Art Mode configured to transform The Frame into a super high definition piece of artwork. With over one hundred works of art available on Samsung's central platform, you can now essentially own thousands worth of dollars worth of art, at the click of a button. With the Frame TV available with all sorts of configurable frames of various matte colours and photo layouts, you can style your TV to match it's surroundings so that neither the TV or artwork looks amiss against the local decor. If you fancy a more personal touch, the TV also enables you to display your favourite personal photos too, and by the control of your smartphone (yes, you guessed it), you can instantly update the view with just a few taps - genius.

Beyond any normal Smart TV, the TV can sense when you're in the room so you needn't worry about consuming too much power in displaying your Da Vinci when you're not around. A theatre-like production, SATORI & SCOUT bets that we've all sat in front of a black TV and wondered whether such an idea would actually happen, and it has. Discover more about the television online at:

Photography credit : Samsung

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