The Awesome LEGO Safety Helmet

A trip down memory lane, but SATORI & SCOUT are pretty sure there was a time when children found it more acceptable to wear bike helmets. Omnipresent too is LEGO's place in many children's hearts, and due to being perhaps a constant issue for all parents alike, in an effort to motivate children to use bicycle helmets, the innovative firm MOEF has created protective head gear in the shape of a LEGO figure's hair.

SATORI & SCOUT cannot work out if these helmets are cooler on the scale of their design, or better for their protection, but with the aim of mimicking the exact proportions and physical characteristics of the original collector's plastic figurines, this helmet design is certainly unique. The MOEF design team digitised a lego character using 3D scanning, allowing them to scale, design and 3D print the famous LEGO hair style in human proportions, and SATORI & SCOUT are quite wondering if we can wear these even when not on a bike. Just imagine if everyone did!

Danish based MOEF was approached by advertising agency DDB for the project and was asked to design a prototype. With near identical, sculpted and gel-locked hair, the helmet is made complete with a safety strap. Painted in the exact same colours as all your favourite brunette LEGO figurines (presumably other colours will one day be available), SATORI & SCOUT reckon these helmets that are ultimately a bit of fun will be as much adored by children as they will be quirky young adults or reminiscent mature adults. Learn more online at MOEF.

Photography credit : DDB

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