LEGO Bag Of Playful Shopping

LEGO must be upping their game. With the flurry of Playstation 4 users and other technology that is a far cry from children's toys before the year 2000, LEGO are certainly working hard to 'live long and prosper' as the now essential 'outsider' toy of choice. Recently featuring a bike helmet that was shaped as the hair of a LEGO figurine, this shopping bag is of equal merit, and is well worth an article discovery given it's shear creativeness, classic design and instantly recognisable branding.

Continuing the theme of LEGO on from the bike helmet, New York (USA) based designers Junho Lee and Hyun Chul Choi have created this wonderfully smart and unique promotional shopping bag for LEGO's line of Playbox. Creating the illusion that the customer's hands are inhuman, yellow and LEGO-like, the widely recognised LEGO figurine claw hand is, in SATORI & SCOUT's minds, simply brilliant.

All red to further mimic LEGO's famous tiles, the designer's actual bag has a similar graphic on it's exterior and features a graphic pattern of raised, interlocking circular grooves. The claw hands conceal hiding fabric handles that are secured inside, and overall the bag is seriously clever, yet remains to be super simple

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Photography credit : Jun Ho Lee and Evan Choi)
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