Slim iPhone Cases That Bulk Your Style

As a comprehensive collection of design, SATORI & SCOUT aim to fully popularise that the modern man and woman, of all guises, is not at the final stage in Darwin€™s evolutionary process, and therefore finer things in life bring enjoyment and self-expression. If you excuse the pun for a second, Totallee slim cases are certainly set to bulk your style, and with all phone case manufacturers considered, the SATORI & SCOUT team are now equipped with what we feel are the best quality for their value; though what we really mean is, exceedingly high quality for seriously good value, and a cooler (and safe) iPhone because of it.

A startup company based in South Pasadena, California (USA), Totallee's thin iPhone cases are certainly for the stylish minimalist, but even if you are yet to dive fully into such a refined lifestyle, these cases are certainly worth a strong consideration to protect your prized possession. Being blunt for another second, phone cases are overpriced, protection is often bulky and designs are usually non-descript and unusual. Just why? "We were determined to make a better alternative, an alternative for people like us...," Totallee describe, "...So we developed a line of cases that are thin, elegant and fairly priced."

Though you could argue that the thicker the protection, the better the protection, such a point really doesn't come with much evidence - A 5 metre thick pile of pillows is not any more structurally strong as 10cm worth of bricks, is it? More protection doesn't have to be more bulky, but what bulk does give is more peace of mind. Having said that, having now used Totallee cases for a few weeks, SATORI & SCOUT think that these are the perfect blend of protection and style. You can definitely consider a phone case too bulky if you require writhing your torso to reach your iPhone from your jean's back pocket, whether you feel that you're actually using a retro 90s phone every time on a call, or you notice the phone losing half it's weight when you remove the case to periodically clean the phone. Alternatively, as Totallee wonderfully set the scene, or "...if your coworker asks if you could share some of your battery pack juice because her iPhone's running low on power, except you don't actually have a battery pack case."

Offering three different iPhone case products in various different colours, Totallee cases range from 0.06" thick to 0.02" thick, and along with the product, the shipping, packaging and convenience of purchasing such a case are all equally as slim. Arriving within a small packaging box that is complete with a few really nice, personal touches such as an 'Enjoy label', a personal note and a protective sleeve, such detailing really gives you confidence that what you're actually about to enjoy is both minimalist and super-quality, all matching SATORI & SCOUT's aspirational message. The three designs are as follows:

  • The thickest, most durable phone case design is the Doberman, and despite being the thickest, the 0.06" design is still thinner than most cases available. Will full protection from scratches and drops, the case is durable, soft to touch and of a matte texture. Of simple design with a pierced reverse-side hole to reveal the Apple logo, the Doberman can be described as a stealthy yet rugged phone case.
  • The Spy is a little thinner at 0.04" and adds virtually no bulk due to the lightweight polymer used. With the same protection as the Doberman, the soft material is pleasant to hold and the colour of the case is transparent (hence 'Spy') to enable you to fully showcase your originally chosen iPhone colour. SATORI & SCOUT often find that transparent cases are flimsy and poor design, but the Spy by Totallee is quite the opposite, fitting comfortably to the phone.
  • At Totallee's thinnest end of the spectrum is the Scarf, and at just 0.02", we challenge you to find a thinner one. Literally feeling like no case at all, the Scarf is SATORI & SCOUT's preferred case design whereby the case's brushed finish to the polymer adds hand grip where the thickness is otherwise compensated. Complementing the iPhone's original design and intention of being a thin phone, the Scarf case is completely ideal for the minimalist; we seriously approve.

Sold? As much as we love to write about good brands, it is start ups that SATORI & SCOUT gets most excited about, and we really cannot see any reason why Totallee won't succeed in the forthcoming years. With every iPhone case that is sold hand packed and signed off, there is also a 90 day warranty that we can almost guarantee not a single case manufacturer in the world would want to otherwise offer.

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Photography credit: Totallee

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