The Ideal Home Kuri Robot

Robots, now there's a curious debate. As Kuri's designers say "For all the things Kuri can do, there are plenty of things Kuri won't do. And that's what makes Kuri a great robot." Perhaps by dumbing them down, they actually become smarter?

The Kuri Robot has been identified as being the ideal home robot and whilst the 'ideal' is perhaps unclear by definition in what any of us ever want to achieve from such a recent phenomena, Kuri has certainly left SATORI & SCOUT impressed by the little fella's innovative design and eye-catching capabilities. Expertly integrated with all of Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant, the Kuri Robot has been designed to be the ideal 'trainer robot', as it were, to help us measly humans learn to live with robots. An aspirational concept indeed.

As Kuri's designers explain, "There's a lot of innovation behind Kuri's lovable personality. A perfect home robot." Seemingly suitable for young and old and with real practical application that can supposedly help all your daily living easier, Kuri can create connections throughout the home, making all your various technologies even more intuitive and better-used.

Following your respectable home-needs, Kuri has the ability to negotiate the terrain of your home, capture photos, take videos, listen and respond to your voice commands. With a cap sensor to respond to your touch, cameras located behind the eye for capturing in High Definition, gestural mechanics for realistic head and eye movements, speakers for playing music or actually speaking to you, and powerful processors for facial and speech recognition, Kuri certainly is talented to the point of not wanting to take over your lives like most 'robo-doubters' assume. Well manufactured, innovative-with-a-ceiling, intuitive so much so to be actually useful - unlike most robots being advertised - and undoubtedly attractive, this robot really could be the next thing.

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