Telling The QM Weather (From Indoors)

Before now SATORI & SCOUT have encouraged the 'mundane' exploration of looking out of the window to gauge the weather forecast, but will this weather device change everyone's lifestyles forever? Perhaps a slightly dramatic statement to say the least, but a questioning one all the same. Should you be lazy and/or love technology enough, this new technology idea will be right up your street. Freshly designed from Japan, this 'QM Weather' device will overcome all those awkward-look-out-the-window scenarios (joking, of course).

A collaboration between Quantum and Kooyox, the QM Weather Device operates via the new Internet of Things (IoT) trend. Aiming to introduce IoT technology into your daily life, this design employs a down-to-earth, soft and subtle manner; nothing here is too technical for even the novice user. Giving you an immediate indication of the weather outside, this little box is both aesthetically pleasing and wonderfully complementary to any desk/lounge decor. Perhaps highly useful if you face a blank wall at work (sad face) or if you're still in bed and the curtains are not yet drawn, will your weather-checking habits change from glancing at your smartphone and interacting with actual good design (burn)?

SATORI & SCOUT are big fans of innovative technology, and when this is mixed with neat aesthetics, we particularly enjoy the results. A confident device with both features, there is no indication of this design wanting to ever command centre stage to any decor, but instead, become an essential subtlety. Though not revolutionary, this little design has SATORI & SCOUT wishing for all the seasons on any one given day. #WeatherOverload. Discover more about the designer at:

Photography credit : Koyoox
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