Moncler x Craig Costello x Hong Kong

Not your usual sight as you wander any city, but recently Hong Kong saw 10000 Mr Moncler's across its streets, including 350 statuettes that were customised by New York's Craig Costello artist. Craig Costello, known for tagging the streets of San Francisco with his name and replacing it with abstract drips of paint, has collaborated with Moncler, building upon his recent work with Outdoor Festival, Nike and Coach.

Whilst Moncler are world-renown for their performance wear, what they might be less known for are making statuettes and/or tourist attractions, and this artwork was just that. Standing at 19 inches tall (not that tall), these statuettes were presented in regimental rows as part of an installation art piece. As Remo Ruffini, chairman and CEO of Moncler describes, "...Art has always been a key communication asset for Moncler. Our partnership with Costello has allowed us to blend Moncler's DNA with his trademark paint-drip aesthetic. It has resulted in a unique globally recognisable language project."

With each of the Moncler x Craig Costello statuettes handpainted, adding to the eye-catchy-ness of their beards and metallic puffer jackets, there has been no compromise on style or quality, as you'd expect. Found at four locations in the city, might this have been the only day that Hong Kong's skyscraper skyline was championed by something so small? Discover more about the members club at:

Photography credit : Moncler

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