Instrumentum Toolset For The Novice User

When you think of tools - screwdrivers, Allen keys, hammers and the like - you'd be forgiven for thinking that surely no alternatives exist for their very 'form follows function', widely-recognised designs. Introducing Instrumentum, this toolset is designed by Abidur Chowdhury, and as the design is pitching, there is a huge amount of movement and a large argument for making tools less intimidating, particularly for the novice user.

Attempting to overcome the monotony of typical designs' form as well as their continual design flaw (in that the wooden hammer or screwdriver handles can often break from their metallic parts), Instrumentum's tools are each manufactured from high-carbon heat-treated steel for all the strength and durability characteristics. As Chowdbury describes, "The lack of consistency between both the hammerhead and handle, and screwdriver head and handles create a disconnect between the elements that make up the product."

Photography credit : Abidur Chowdhury

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