Surreal Traffic Light Photography

Fog is a fascinating thing, and even more so is light. Having spent over more than two years capturing both in their natural setting - ordinary traffic lights being their contextual subject - photographer Lucas Zimmermann has created a series of images that are surreal but interestingly relatable. Taken at night as Zimmermann explores the city of Weimar (Germany), such luminant vibrancy is captured.

Of course, highly dependent on living in a naturally foggy climate, but these familiar rays of red, yellow, and green light radiate awesomely and pierce their immediate microclimate and context, giving the traffic light and the idea of using them as a control of traffic a new light. Pun intended, Zimmermann modestly describes his photography series as " all known object which produces a strong effect in an unnatural situation with a simple photographic setup...", with the final images really quite stunning.

A two year long photography series by Zimmermann which has seen its collection recently expanded to include an alternative perspective, the rainbow-like colours beautifully emanate from the innocently usual traffic lights to create an overall surreal juxtaposition of metalwork / cold environment, and light / warm colours. Discover more about the photographer online at:

Photography credit : Lucas Zimmermann

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