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Technology is at an abundance right now and the more aspirational of you will know that high quality sound is, well, super high quality. SATORI & SCOUT have recently featured the latest of portable speakers by Bang & Olufsen, and whilst they certainly hit the high notes, another brand to be equally aware of is Vifa. Both are Scandinavian, co-incidental?

Bluetooth-operated, portable, sleek and understated, such traits are commonplace on SATORI & SCOUT's technology priorities, and the excellent looking Vifa Oslo speaker is a design to behold. Designed by Vifa, a Danish purveyor of audio equipment that offers assorted audio equipment, such a design company was founded on the back of a single man who saw his career transition from a car mechanic to a speaker producer, his true calling in life. This was in 1933, and some 80 years later, the Scandinavian sleekness is there to behold.

Understated and cool, the impressive design of the Vifa Olso speaker doesn't just rest on it's aesthetics, but also it's delivery of the performance you will expect as well. Streamlined in design minimalism and of compact design, this speaker is really able to go with you wherever you'd like, be it in the home or outside, all awhile the depth of the speaker's box enables the speaker to find those low bass notes as much as those top notes for an orchestra of sounds. Arguably non-intrusive, there is certainly an air of confidence in Vifa's quality over other speaker designs.

With an impressive line up of specifications that set Vifa apart from their competition, such includes force balanced woofers, a lithium ion battery, Bluetooth aptX capability and DSP crossover which has been optimised for low distortion and high precision. A speaker design to love. SATORI & SCOUT does.

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