Bamford x Bentley Mulliner Car

It has been about 70 years since Mulliner began creating bespoke additions to Bentley, and the cars that resulted instantly epitomised unrivalled levels of luxury for those lucky few who commission them; people love having cars in the safe knowledge that no one has a car quite like theirs. George Bamford is the man behind Bamford Watch Department (BWD), the UK's foremost bespoke timepiece personalisation company, and alike car tuning companies, the designer understands the value that 'personalisation' has to buyers of luxury brands. With the freedom to design a car like no other, Mulliner and Bentley have officially partnered with Bamford.

In the same way that Mulliner and Bentley have a long association, the family ties between Bamford and Bentley are close too. As such, the most recent development in this continuing relationship arrives in the form of Bamford's new Mulliner commission: a Bentley Mulsanne Speed.

As its name suggests, Bentley describe the car as "phenomenally powerful, capable of reaching 60 mph in just 4.8 seconds and comes with a top speed of 190 mph - and its craftsmanship is beyond compare. Nothing encapsulates Bentley's blend of performance and luxury in such exquisite style." SATORI & SCOUT quite agrees, particularly for those at the top of the aspirational life tree.

George Bamford began making his name by applying his now recognisable poly-chromatic wizardry to recognisable horological classics. The Bamford Watch Department, as a watch company, provided the ability for collectable watch brands to make limited-edition makeovers, and has worked in the past alongside many artists to create playful collector's pieces. Turning their attention to cars, it is clear that the designers are equally capable on larger, movable objects too.

With many dark tints and even bolder highlights, the 'Kingfisher Blue' stripes encapsulate the Bentley's extreme quality and class, and alongside piano black veneer, carbon fibre and dark Beluga hide, the black and neon blue are superbly complementary. Via matte finishes as well as ultra-shine, the discreet dashboard matches the bright blue colour in class and statement.

Discover more about the designer collaboration at: Bentley Motors

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