Steadicam (Volt) As She Goes

Have smart phones peaked in their technological breakthroughs? Is the world at a stage where innovation is beyond the world of smartphones, and that we have achieved much of what the smartphone has capability for, Samsung, Apple, Nokia or other?

With less and less frequently released phones that each come with less additional perks than their predecessor, might it be argued that such technological behemoths are running out of ideas? One thing is for certain and that's camera technology hasn't much developed in the last few years with respect to smartphone cameras, and so good are such cameras that they boast perfectly decent, high quality capabilities to capture any video yet continue to be limited in professionalism by the user's capability of having a steady hand. All of this could change, however, by the introduction of Steadicam, a stabilising design that has already been entirely funded on Kickstarter.

Named the Steadicam Volt Smartphone Stabiliser, such an additional device to use with your smartphone lets you capture memorable moments more easily and professionally through a clever bit of technology that delivers a much steadier photo and video than ever before. Making professional photography more mainstream everyday, and putting the power of capturing moments with you rather than professional companies perhaps commonly found in the Hollywood area of Los Angeles (USA), such a design has been launched by The Tiffen Company. With utmost precision and control enabled, the Steadicam works by simulating the smartphone's feeling of inertia in the pan axis to create an entirely stable experience. Gravity actually exists, you know.

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Photography credit : Tiffen


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