Sophisticated Serra Cannabis Dispensary

Cannabis and drug taking is a topic largely unknown in depth by SATORI & SCOUT, and yet what is clear is that the world's opinion on such is changing. With laws being amended across USA states and being adopted across the world, everyone has an opinion about the legalisation of such.

New to Portland (USA) is Serra, arguably and potentially the most sophisticated cannabis dispensary in the entire world. Set inside a 1889 historic landmark building, the store's Grecian columns echo the store's luxurious appeal. Whilst many other recreational retailers otherwise exist, Serra is certainly more artistic than artisan in it's approach to such commodity. With no obvious aesthetic linkage to green leaves or drug taking, only the word 'Serra' immediately links the store to such offerings, being the meaning of Greenhouse in Italian. The sign 'Quality Drugs' marks the store's entrance and such references the time of a bygone era when many friendly neighbourhood apothecaries existed.

Inside the store, Serra positions it's products at typical chest level via it's wonderfully made freestanding glasshouse-shaped cases, whereby such green leaves can be found accompanied by glass, porcelain and jewellery. Complete with many nature references that includes a floor to ceiling greenery, Serra now boasts three stores open since 2016, where the store's drug related provisions have certainly proved a hit. Couldn't think why. Discover more online at: (Over 21s only).

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