Minimal Ensso Pen Of Dual Function

Pens really are the excitement of the personal study, and having recently featured the fantastic minimalist pens by ystudio, SATORI & SCOUT reckon these latest designs by Ensso are equally as minimally styled.

Designed by a small design studio based in Los Angeles (USA), the commercial 'Pen Uno' offers a simple yet powerful solution and despite the concept of writing instruments being around for thousands of years (with perhaps millions of decorative iterations) there has never been such a design that perhaps facilitates such a simple idea.

Offering an innovative grip section that also serves as the pen's cap, a few flicks of your thumb will easily slide the barrel up and down to cover or expose the pen tip. Liberating the pen of all it's unnecessary parts and ornaments, the 'Pen Uno' is both really thin and minimalist. Most interesting of all, your hand and brain will remember the good old days of writing or drawing with a wooden pencil, such are the developments of pen manufacturers these days all supposedly designing the most ergonomic pens they can commercially make, but perhaps forgetting the fundamentals of the original pen or pencil.

With the further opportunity to make the pen a mechanical pencil by simply swapping the ink cartridge with a led stick, the aluminium Pen Uno might just be the most ideal addition to your daily lifestyle.

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Photography credit : Ensso

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