Bentley Bentayga Powers On

Without doubt, Bentley's omnipresent perception of luxury is ubiquitous. Within such a bracket of luxury cars, you might be forgiven for saying that most are built and designed with all intentions of being luxury for luxury sake. With sensuous lines, geometries that look better found on a mountain ridge and materials more elegant than Las Vegas' finest gold leaf dinner, some luxury cars are, to be frank, futile. The Bentley Bentayga is different.

The company's first advance into the Diesel market, the SUV 4x4 comes at a questionable time with such 'Dieselgate' scandals about the industry at the present time, and all notions of better low emission, better power-fuelling being somewhat dismissed in recent times. Despite such issues and concerns of the industry of the car-fuel type, once sitting inside the car, all negative thoughts are left outside. With a powerful V8 engine, the noise and harshness of such is dampened by the car's beautiful engineering, and typically British and stylish, there is little else not to love about the car. Despite arguing that many of luxury cars are perhaps more of a yacht than an automobile, the Bentley's interior is no different with it's teak, chrome, leather and artisan details, but converse to other designs, isn't luxury just for luxury sake.

To put into context the diesel's issues, they have many pros: fuel economy and the ability to generate power at lower speeds (suiting bigger vehicles), and one large con: emissions. That said, the emissions' issues remain at large in the soot-produced particles of the burning process and Bentley's filter system attempts to curb this issue. With an equal amount of power as it W12 engined sibling car, the car's design is as much a thing of beauty as it is a realisation of Diesel's issues and wanting to be an eco-friendly diesel SUV, if that were to be a thing. Reminiscent of a power station beneath the hood of the car, Bentley's efforts have far from gone unnoticed.

Complete with an oversized leather interior, comfort suspension that would make driving over the Alps feel like a smooth babies' bottom, fine teak wood to surround yourself with and immerse in it's fine lacquered detail, and colourways so cool that you might be forgiven to be driving in 2017's coolest looking car, The Bentley Bentayga is a hit. With 5,500 cars delivered to date, whilst that might not seem so many, for such a car company and it's prestige is quite a commendable feat given it's recent launch. Discover more about this car launch online at:

Photography credit : Bentley

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