Saving Lives With The Clock of Life

An emergency kit and a clock aren't the two most obvious things to combine, but now that they have been, it shall be appropriately named 'Life Clock'. How can a clock contribute in any way to an emergency, we hear you cry? Designed by Korean-based SWNA, behind the mechanics of this clock is housed an emergency kit filled with various tools, each useful in the event of a natural disaster. Natural disasters seem to be an increasing concern these days - but then, is that also down to better reporting and communication? - and with Korea somewhat known to the wider world as having disasters of a variety of sorts, this simple design is perhaps well-needed.

In an attempt to encourage people in owning emergency equipment in their homes, SWNA design studio thought that the easiest way in achieving this is by having an emergency kit that is as inconspicuous as possible, being a design that would suit many interior decors. A normal time-telling device by any means - we mean, it tells the time, right? - this simple 'Life Clock' is really quite ingenious.

Available in red, blue and grey, the clock opens on its side via a simple hinge and inside can be found a pressure pack, torch, aluminium heat blanket, whistle, medical card and an emergency situation guidebook. With the contents chosen by the emergency services rather than the designers themselves, any user (hopefully not many) will probably be glad they decorated their tabletops with such a double-product time-telling device. Discover more and buy online at:

Photography credit : KGC Brand
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