Garmin GPS x Amazon Alexa

A curious SATORI & SCOUT thought of the day, the satnav device surely has to be put down as one of the modern-tech inventions that saw it's own demise because it was so good; that good that smartphone manufacturers and Google Maps (et al.) saw the potential, and map services became widely available across these suchlike telecommunicative devices.

Either a reaction from such a reality or a creative collaboration that has been in the making for months, Garmin and Amazon's Alexa (speaking) 'robot service' have been paired together to became a project that aims to retain the merits of the trusty satnav. A device bringing Amazon Alexa into the car (not as a seated passenger), the device - named Garmin Speak - introduces all sorts of voice commands and opportunities that are perfect in preventing all those temptations in (now illegally) using the phone. Essentially a talking GPS navigation device, the device's understated aesthetic also adds to the car's dashboard 'command centre'.

A fine piece of tech, it's benefits go beyond the obvious navigation capabilities. The Garmin Speak can stream all your favourite music playlists into your car€™s stereo system, even play podcasts, audiobooks, the like. With an equal ability to check the weather, read out the latest news and inform you of all the nearby traffic updates, this device almost becomes a second driver. Ideal in keeping the commuter on the go without pauses and issue, this safe-to-drive device will ensure you a more enjoyable, probably safer and certainly more interactive car journey. p.s. you can even do all those wonderful things that domestic Alexa does such as order groceries, update calendars, remotely control your home automated heating / lighting system, and others.

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Photography credit : Garmin

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