Pokemon Go Beaten By Pixel Vision

At a time when Pokemon Go is all the rage, a smartphone App that sees people of all ages traversing the world to discover Pokemon in a virtual reality setting, Pixel Vision have arguably gone one further. Whatever your opinion of the Pokemon Go sensation is - on the one hand, a nostalgic and entertaining experience that is proving to encourage people to get more active, whilst on the other hand is yet another App to discourage social interaction and has even been plagued with a few dangerous encounters - there can be no complaints about Pixel Vision.

Designed by Love Hultens, as a handmade pocket-sized portable game console that is manufactured in solid walnut, this bespoke piece is just fantastic. Offering the ability to store over 10,000 games which can be added through a USB, enabling you to create your own personalised library, Pixel Vision is certainly a welcome fusing of traditional craftsmanship and modern - or 1990s - technology. Small scale enough to not ever need to worry about discouraging social interaction, the nostalgia from such a product is about as high as you can possibly get.

Also previously designing 'The Golden Apple', a macintosh computer that is rendered in walnut, SATORI & SCOUT think Hulten's designs are just great. With inspiration rooted entirely to 8-bit handheld video games, it is clear to see how the GameBoy Advance SP, as well as the NES and Atari 2600, have influenced the design. With three portable hours of gaming per charge, and with the assumed ability to also be played while plugged in, Pixel Vision will surely be loved by the dedicated gamer, as much as the nostalgic enthusiast and the curious. The past and the present in one, least to mention the serious materiality upgrade from the plastic originals to the awesome walnut variation.

Available to purchase online, discover more at LoveHulten.com.

Photography credit : LoveHulten.com

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