Tattoo Artists Of Robotic Finesse

When it comes to the aspirational lifestyle, whilst none of SATORI & SCOUT's studio scouts or reviewers have (or recommend) tattoos themselves, it can certainly be said that the art form can be both characterful and tasteful. Being careful to include 'can' in the previous statement, some tattoos can however be woeful and such cases are usually down to poor taste, ill-information or poor inking by the tattoo artist. Somewhat addressing the final issue, though certainly more an address of 'the lack of evolution in the tattoo industry over the last century', soon you may be able to receive your ink(s) by a robot.

The inventors of such a piece of kit were Pierre Emm and Johan Da Silveira and the innovative robotic system has been named 'Tatoue'. With the ability to autonomously draw intricate tattoos on your skin, the system uses 3D scanning technology to capture a person's body part that is then converted into geometric language that the computer understands to inform the robot of the surface that the tattoo will be applied. Upon previewing the chosen design on the scanned surface, Tatoue then can apply the tattoo in the same way that traditional artists do.

Prior to 2016, the French engineer duo developed their machine using 3D printers, but their latest innovative robot was created during a four-month artist-in-residence program at the software company Autodesk. An open source project, this robot may certainly have future in the tattoo industry. With on-going testing on human flesh throughout it's development process, Tatoue is now finally ready. If you are perhaps sceptical of the robot's true understanding of a body part and it's flesh surface, the robot requires a human control override at all times due to the potential harm that can be caused if there were errors, human movements or pressure discrepancies. You're safe, but what would your intricately detailed tattoo be?

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Photography credit : Appropriate Audiences

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