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What have pigeons taught us about art?' An interesting and certainly irregular question, this is one posed to the common during one of SATORI & SCOUT's favourite art houses' latest exhibitions. Recently featured with their Emoji art collection, Cantor Fine Art are certainly ones to question society, and such a topic is one that we really couldn't recommend exploring any higher.

An art show for hands, it is certainly known the world over that art's favourite rule is "Don't Touch the Art." As good intentioned as the notion is accepted across most societies, there are sometimes harmful side effects, and one example Cantor Fine Art suggest could be that "...a blind man feels like he has less access to public artwork than a pigeon." Is that correct(?), most certainly not.

Offering a tactile works exhibition from artists across the world, all of the selected artists are from an unique discipline and are of varying backgrounds, all to create a mass surprise of experiences. The exhibition showcases portraits, sculptures, augmented reality and light shows.

Available until the end of August at their gallery in West Hollywood (USA), the exhibition has been superbly popular since it's launch and Cantor explains that "...Without knowing it [their patrons] had secretly wanted to touch artwork their entire lives. A few people started crying when they got touch the work." Emotions around art is a good sign. As such, Cantor Fine Art explains that if there were one thing to take away from the exhibition it is that not every art form need be touched, and therefore neither 'Please Do Not Touch' or 'Please Touch' signs are ever required. A question worth questioning if it means seeing art differently.

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Photography credit : Cantor Fine Art

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