Owning Your Data : The Helm Server

Do you know where your email really is? As reported by countless reports on countless occasions, every person's most critical data such as emails, search history, passwords, photos, videos and the like are all stored on massive corporate servers located outside your home's four walls. With email often the most common thing to use or create upon any successful access to the internet, not to mention how an email address is always used for almost every account you create with any online store, social media et al., the importance of email comes into perspective, and succinctly, why should such an important asset of ours technically not even be ours if the servers (a digital postcode if we may) is forever outside of your control?

Whenever your email is compromised, it is therefore common sense to suggest that a hacker has immediate access to all your other online accounts - the trusty password reset isn't always so trusty, you see. As Fast Company excellently surmise, "...if an email service is free, then your data is what's being sold. The new Helm server makes sure only you have access to your emails..."

Photography credit : The Helm

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