The World's First Foldable (Flexpai) Phone

When you look at a smartphone and all of the associated leading brand's continual releases, it is hard to imagine that one day they wouldn't evolve into something with a foldable screen. Such a day has now arrived, and first to the party is technology brand Royole, introducing their Flexpai smartphone before the turn of the year. Pronounced flex-pie, such a device is the world€™s first commercial foldable phone and is certainly a sort of combination of a smartphone and tablet, suitable for either application depending on whether the phone is folded or unfolded. Boasting many other leading technology traits such as 20 and 16 megapixel cameras and a 7.8inch full-colour display, such a phone packs all the punch to guarantee that the foldable screen isn't just a marketing gimmick.

Officially launched back on 31st October in Beijing, the Flexpai is a truly disruptable product in the technology market, promising the gift of high definition on both a small and large screen concurrently. Both flexible and durable, the device is powerful and somewhat elegant - though the side profile of the phone can perhaps look a little chunky when double-folded back on itself (in our honest opinion). Passing all the time-consuming testing, the glass is quite remarkable in it's foldable characteristics, and is said to be able to last over 200,000 folds on itself. As high-contrast, wide-angle, high-resolution as any other leading smartphone screens, surely this is the future of smartphones.

With an engine inside to match, the Flexpai is packed with a next generation Snapdragon 8-Series by Qualcomm which is built on a brand new algorithm to support the upcoming 5G which some networks have been advertising recently. With less being very much more, the phone's two cameras are both super quality - a 20MP telephoto camera accompanying a 16MP wide-angle camera - and most uniquely, via the folding of the device, all sorts of unique angles are able to be captured in any moment. Even so in Dual View camera mode, the subject in your intended photo is visible from each screen when the device is folded, and so whether it's a selfie, portrait or candid photo, you or your subject can use FlexPai's screens to make sure the pose is perfect before the image is even snapped - now that is convenience in the modern first world!

Also via the folding of the screen, the phone is able to provide notifications without interruptions by delivering them on the side edge screen. Providing split-screen and single screen to allow for you to potentially watch a movie on one screen and write emails on the other, or perhaps browse your favourite Spotify songs whilst reading the internet, such a feature is an absolute game changer in today's technology. As beautifully crafted as beautifully innovated, SATORI & SCOUT are certainly impressed by Royole's vision. Discover more about the brand online at:

Photography credit : Royole

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