The Nendo Emergency Relief Charger

It is no secret that SATORI & SCOUT loves Japanese designed products and the recently featured distraction-combating head blinkers are but one example of their stellar awesomeness at producing such new-thinking and creative products. Introducing a further design from the land of the creative and future-tech, this smartphone charging device is hardly your usual that you'd find in your high street store.

Portable, sleek and simple, this hand-generative charging device has been introduced by Nendo and is perfect for any electricity-scarce situation. Designed by Oki Sato, the founder of Nendo, such a man has been pro-active in wanting to design natural disaster relief innovations and such a device would be perfect in the homes of all Japan's residents. An area of the world known for its natural disasters, it is perhaps hardly surprising that the founder's mindset is as such.

Manufactured in partnership with another Japanese hardware company, the duo of Nendo and Sugita Ace have previously designed a portable toilet and an emergency survival kit together, and such a charging device is no different in its potential importance. Just think, should you be in the midst of an earthquake and your phone requires charging, mains electricity will of course be nonoperational and therefore leave you without any method of contacting emergency services or loved ones should either be required.

Working by way of using your arm to create centrifugal force about the device's swinging part, the easily swingable stick powers a lithium battery that is located within the handle. Also usable by plugging the device into mains electricity at times of normality and no emergency relief, the device can then be simply used as a charging backup - perhaps your iPhone runs out after 12 hours and requires a top-up of charge - most peoples do! Complete with a minimalist and matte coloured desk tidy to help the object blend into everyday life, isn't the design and concept so desirable! Discover more about the designers online at:

Photography credit : Nendo

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