Nostalgic Mac iPhone Stand From Elago

Newness And Tech or a Design Classic, SATORI & SCOUT could probably argue for both. This highly entertaining and compact gadget's design is certainly a retro blast from the past, and yet it's modern conception is everything a (wo)man would want in the modern era (almost).

Elago, a contemporary tech company that is known for their quirky designs, recently took everyone back to 1984 with a Macintosh computer inspired apple watch charging station. With a return of their nostalgic ideas, this 'M4' iPhone stand is compatible for 6, 6s and 7 models and recreates the computer design classic, using the display of your phone as the computer display. A clever play-on-words, the design is available in silicone beige or black, and both colours are set to make your phone that much more cooler.

Modelled and entirely downsized to scale to the original macintosh computer, you can easily enter the phone into a slot to protect your phone from any incremental surface damage whilst giving it that increase of quirky-coolness. With the Elago design perhaps ideal for watching films with the phone in it's horizontal position, you can even pair to a keyboard for hands-free use. There is easy access to the volume bar, and offering cable management, what could be more unique (until everyone has one)?

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Photography credit : Elago

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