Pluma Bike Hails Pro Track Speed

SATORI & SCOUT are not shy from writing about what we feel to be the best mode of transport, and in biking we feel that life freedom and design are wonderfully coalesced. Whilst the more delicate and less speedy of bikes are perhaps everyone's favourite, this PLUMA bike takes everything to the next level in it's elegant speediness.

Titled PLUMA after the Portuguese word for 'feather', this track bike is everything a feather boasts, lightweight and elegant. Designed by Nuno Teixeira, the PLUMA is now ready to hit the track following a year of successful designing and prototyping. Offering a carbon sandwich frame, the bike's rear-wheel encasement and curvaceous physique does everything they can to help the body become as speedy as it can.

With a lack of exposed parts on it's body being an overall ambition to the design, for safety and aerodynamic reasons, this PLUMA bike has minimised drag resistance in it's rear wheel and has a 5 spoke carbon track wheel at it's front. As a composite design, this bike may just be the closest you will ever get to reaching the most professional of velodrome track bikes, but it sure ain't half their merit. Discover more about the designer at:

Photography credit : Constellation Composite

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