Copper Trend : Astell&Kern AK380 Limited Edition

From cutlery to bed side-tables, kitchen pots to light shades, copper really is a trend that has seen good traction over the last few years. Offering hues of quality and high-sheen, yet with an acknoledgment to its industrial roots, Copper is a really authentic material to use. Many brands have incorporated copper into limited edition variations of existing lines, and SATORI & SCOUT reckon the usage of copper is set to long continue.

Audio-technology brand Astell&Kern are no amateurs when it comes to designing and offering luxury products, and they too have used copper in a new variation, reinventing one of their most popular devices - the AK380 music player.

An alternative to commonplace commercial music players (we won't name drop particular brands that are more popular than a 70s sweet shop (you know who)), the luxurious AK380 doesn't only feature copper as a new surface-finish, but a whole new level is reached by Astell&Kern with the copper this time around being 100% solid and milled from a 1.7kg copper block. Hand-finished to its geometric form by skilled craftsmen, the latest product by Astell&Kern is as sophisticated as it is aesthetically pleasing as it is durable, whereby the copper casing has seen four separate anti-oxidisation processes, all matched in luxury by its carbon-fibre case backing. The mixture of carbon fibre and copper is really quite something to hold, and we see no reason why the usage of copper can't be taken to the next level once more and go much beyond cutlery to items such as detailing on cars or in large scale furniture.

With a style aesthetic still very true to Astell&Kern and offering the same technology that the brand is synonymous for, this copper Limited Edition alternative is certainly a desirable piece of kit. With their marketing including promises of class-leading specifications, quality audio is one of those things that money really can buy, and Astell&Kern are certainly up there with the best who offer ultimate audio performances.

Add to your outfit this incredible little audio device and boldly utilise your statement piece. The warmness of copper is certainly unique and until now, the material hasn't featured anywhere near so much on a handheld device until the AK380 Limited Edition. Exuding elegance, discover more at

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