Native Union x La Boite Speakers

When electronic brands are striving to make the most futuristic of designs possible with all the gadgetry like that on a space station, it is quite refreshing when we come by a collaboration and/or product that doesn't, but rather, does quite the opposite. A collaboration between Native Union and La Boite, this speaker concept design looks almost as if it were more 1990s than 2020s, and yet such a feature is, in fact, appealing in so many ways. Engineered to be sound-first-aesthetics-second, this speaker is of two halves, one on the outside and one within. Developed with technology that dates back to 1976 but refreshed to today's digital capabilities, this speaker boasts the ability to capture exceedingly low frequencies, a feat. that only the best of super-quality speakers can do.

Concealing all of its various audio inputs and USB charging ports, this modular, boxy design oozes quality by materiality. With solid aluminum controls and quality natural timbers, this speaker set would look fantastic as a statement piece on any mantlepiece or hidden away amongst books upon a bookshelf. Featuring all the usual Bluetooth, audio input, auxiliary 3.5mm jack requirements of today's consumer, this little box (actually quite large at 41cm x 25cm) is powerful and really in-demand. Via the device's modular design, the intelligently concealed frame overcomes all of technology's banes in the utilisation of untidy cables, and with the help of Native Union, cable issues are made all the more cleaner and smarter. Available for $799 at the MoMA Design Store, whilst this speaker might not be the cheapest around, it is certainly worth it's punch.

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Photography credit : La Boite

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