Lego : Launch of Sustainable Sugar Cane Bricks

With such a limelight being cast on recyclability and plastics at the moment, it is no surprise that one of the brands who are arguably the most-household of toy brand names in the world has taken their first steps towards sustainability. Lego - of course it is Lego - has announced that it will be launching a range of botanical elements made from a plant-based (sugar cane) plastic in a bid to reduce its plastic waste.

Perhaps baby steps at the moment, will this be the start of the brand's burgeoning sustainability efforts? Such a new material is softer and more durable than conventional Lego bricks and is being used to manufacture the brand's (green) leaf, bush and tree-shaped objects. SATORI & SCOUT reckon such an initiative is so obvious for the brand who we'd no doubt think is one of the world's most dependent companies on using plastic for their core business, making bricks. With Lego also recently announcing that it has a corporate goal of producing all its bricks out of bioplastic, whether biologically-sound or recycled, by 2030, this move is hopefully the first of many.

SATORI & SCOUT cannot help but think that Lego have absolutely the perfect chance to set plastic recycling right and become an example for the world over. What better place to educate the world about plastic recycling than with children and those who interact with their toys - arguably everyone, young and old? A fantastic chance to make a positive impact on the world and truly educate both children and adults, well done Lego, but more of the same, please. Discover more about the toy brand online at:

Photography Credit : Dezeen)

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