Electric Concept Extends To BMX Bikers : Kvaern

Introducing Kvaern, the startup aiming to introduce the sustainable electric motor concept into the pedal bike world. With all the dimensions of a regular BMX bike, Kvaern's design is now available for subscribers pre-launch and is strangley a suitable match; we mean, whats more sustainable than using your actual legs on a pedal bike, though? Featuring a solar-powered charging pack so that the bike's riders can go for miles (30 to be precise) pedal-free, and with the capability of accelerating from 0 to 15 mph (0 to 25km/h) in just 4.5 seconds, this bike's electric motor sure could come in handy. With a complimentary torque sensor to assist and improve BMX riding experiences, the shear concept of having an electric motor inside a bike that is meant to be lightweight and super dynamic for all it's twists and turns is certainly novel.

Denmark-based Kvaern is titled after the Danish word for 'cool ride' and with the bike's athletic frame, you'd be forgiven for thinking that this is the work of a behemoth biking company. Boasting all sorts of BMX-specific features such as magnesium alloy wheels and being built from aluminium, this 'cool ride' has some further added-improvements such as an in-built speaker system (yes, yes it does), front/rear tail-lights and an in-built computer on the handlebars (for the torque etc dashboard). With it's removable electric power source for charging, the bike could in theory be used without such added weight, but when electricity is needed, its simple plug-in and charge capability make for the smoothest of charges. Kvaern are planning to introduce a solar charging system, and with all agenda's sustainable, is this but a great idea? Discover more about the brand and pre-order online at: Kvaern.com

Photography credit : Kvaern

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