Multi-Artist Crazy Golf Course Collaboration

When you think of crazy golf courses, SATORI & SCOUT are pretty sure that you would instantly think of British coastal locations, pop-up country events, or European tourist attractions; eitherway, many things other than a multi-artist collaboration between some of Britain's biggest designers. A kickstarter campaign has been organised by the London Design Festival, an autumnal festival held to celebrate and promote London as the design capital of the world and continues to be at the forefront of the international creative community, and if realised, will see designers such as Tom Dixon (furniture designer), Paul Smith (fashion designer) and the late Zaha Hadid (architect) collaborate at Trafalgar Square.

Aiming to raise the required funding via sponsorship and crowdfunding, London Design Festival director Ben Evans explains they "...expect the Visionary Crazy Golf to be one of the most popular festival landmark projects to date." From small children to design enthusiasts, the event is expected to be super creative, playful and inventive, and as you can probably expect, much more than the usual 3-par courses that offer the occasional humps or bridges.

Other designers involved in the project include Mark Wallinger (artist), Camille Walala (printmaker), and Atelier Bow-Wow (architects), HAT Projects (architects), NEON (designers) and Ordinary Architecture (architects). Each designing different holes along the course, this event of the festival promises to be great, should funding be realised.

Looking closer at some of the holes, to consider but a few, Smith is proposing to create brightly coloured lanes that traverse Trafalgar Square's grand staircases; the late Hadid wants to create a svelte undulating form that is an interesting contrast to the architecture of the public space; Ordinary Architecture are proposing a pigeon-related hole, with the design mimicking the tourism-iconic bird's body that sees balls travel through it's digestive system; Atelier Bow-Wow are offering a whiskey-incentivised alternative; and Wallinger has created this maze that twists and turns in the most imaginative way.

In light of the recent news of Hadid's passing, it has been announced by her architects that the project will be a tribute to her legacy. As a spokesman from the company explains "...amongst many other architectural initiatives, she was involved in the design of this crazy golf hole - which so evidently reflects the organic forms for which she became so well known." How fitting it would be should the project get the go-ahead. Discover the crowdfunded campaign online at

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