BMW Speedy Paralympic Efforts For Rio 2016

German automation powerhouse BMW has been selected by the US Paralympic Team as the preferred manufacturer for their collaborative Paralympic sports team designs. With Rio De Janiero 2016 just around the corner, BMW has been working long and tirelessly on their new wheelchair designs to help power Team US to hopefully gold medal galore this Summer. Working very closely with the Team US athletes, coaches and organisation staff, BMW has been involved on all aesthetics and engineering.

As Brad Cracchiola, Associate Director of BMW, explains, "...proud of what we've been able to accomplish in the last year...from fittings and immersion sessions, to data analysis and real-time testing, we had the unique opportunity to build a fully customised racing device." With super modern aerodynamic efficiencies and carbon fibre as its core material throughout - drawing much inspiration from their award winning automotion options - BMW have approached this somewhat side-project with the utmost of diligence and created personalised options for each of the team's athletes. With just final tweaks to go before the final designs are perfected and only the track and field standing in the way of an athlete's dreams, BMW have definitely offered Team US a good looking piece of kit (We guess we can only reserve judgement on whether the kit actually works until the Summer).

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