End Of Season Blues, New Illustrations Joy!

As most major sports leagues across the globe come to their end of season, Lehel Kovacs - an award-winning illustrator that works in Budapest (Hungary) - has been hard at work creating some fantastic artwork. Perhaps to celebrate his favourite team's winning run this year, or more a celebration on some of the world's greatest sports teams, the collection is really quite profound. Focussing on the most iconic of sports grounds that have ever been built, across the globe from Brazil to England, Kovacs' illustrations are really well drawn!

As Ron Sheard, one of the world's most experienced sports stadia architects who has a portfolio that includes two Olympic stadiums (Sydney 2000 and London 2012) explains, "..a stadium, more than any other building type in history, has the ability to shape a town or city. A stadium is able to put a community on the map, establishing an identity and providing a focal point in the landscape."

Kovacs is himself a massive sports fan, as much as a lover of good architecture and urbanism. As Kovacs explains, his admiration for stadia isn't "...only for their atmospheres or for the games played within, but also by the structures and shapes, whether elliptical, oval, rectangular, U-shaped or the shape of a nest....stadiums somehow remind me of majestic medieval castles." SATORI & SCOUT certainly agree with the designer on all his comments.

With worldwide publications to Kovacs name, this project of 60 illustrations is another step forward for the designer. Printed and available on postcards, his illustrations are soon to be able to be shared and cherished by his own fans and people like you alike. With an ongoing Kickstarter campaign, SATORI & SCOUT recommend you show your support for the designer as he too also aims for cup glory. Join in and show your support for the designer at Kickstarter.com.

Photography credit : KoLehel.com

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